Fidget Spinner model of InterNET of Things is a site for everything IoT. This includes not only the thing, but all the four major pillars (Thing, Cloud, User Interface, and Data Science). The fidget spinner model in the image above gives you a broad overview of what IoT entails. Believe me when I say that so many aspects of each pillar have not been included in the image due to space constraints. The pillars within the dotted box are typically what you start with when creating your IoT system. Data Science comes in when your IoT nodes have poured in enough data into your cloud for justifying the creation of a subsystem to derive insights from this data.

While the image above may appear to be overwhelming, especially if you are a beginner, you should look at the other implication of the image: there are plenty of entry points into IoT. I personally started my journey with ‘Firmware’, and then migrated to ‘Data Science’ with a short stop at ‘Cloud’ along the way. App development was then learnt independently, and that’s how the fidget spinner got fully constructed in my case. Of course, every element highlighted in the image above is a potential area of specialization and there’s no limit to the depth to which you can develop your expertise. Therefore, in this field, the more you know, the more you realize how much you don’t know. That makes IoT a journey of lifelong learning, and that’s one of the reasons this field is fulfilling, and also a major reason why I keep finding content to keep this blog active 🙂

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