Hey everyone,

I’m Yash Sanghvi, an engineer working in the Internet of Things domain for the past 3 years. I live in Mumbai, India. I’ve worked on several stacks, including firmware, backend, frontend, data science, and visualization, all of which are necessary for an IoT system. Speaking of application areas, I’ve worked in Industrial IoT and Agri-IoT, and have some familiarity with home automation.

I love simplifying technical concepts and sharing my knowledge through technical writing. I strongly believe that the best way to understand something is to try and teach it to someone else. That is the primary reason for starting this blog.

I primarily contribute to this blog in my free time, during the weekends. While I can’t guarantee it, I try to publish at least one post every week.

I try to ensure that all the information provided in this blog is accurate. However, I encourage you to point out mistakes and help me further improve this blog. Also, I very much appreciate and welcome any feedback that can help me improve the quality and presentation of the content.

I encourage you to seek clarification through comments, on anything that is unclear. I’ll try to answer every comment to the best of my abilities. Your comments can also help other readers who may be having similar questions.

While you are encouraged to share the relevant posts within this blog with your colleagues, classmates, and friends, it will be appreciated if you leave a citation linking to the original source. Also, reproducing the content of this blog and claiming it as your original work amounts to plagiarism. Please be a responsible reader.

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