Revert your app to a previous version in AWS Amplify

So you performed all the required checks, did the necessary QA, and finally deployed your app to Production. Yet a tiny corner case got left out and wreaked havoc? Relax, we’ve been there. And it is easy to panic in such situations. Luckily, AWS Amplify has a provision to let you redeploy a previous version of your app. So while your development team works to fix the bug, your customers can use the previous stable version. Here are the steps to follow:

  • Go to the AWS Amplify Console, and click on the app of your interest.
  • Click on the branch corresponding to the app which
Amplify app console
  • In the page that opens up, go back to the previous stable build, using the arrow buttons on the top, and then click ‘Redeploy this version’
Redeploy previous version

That’s it. Your previous stable version will now start building and will be live till you push another commit on the same branch (assuming you have CI/CD setup).

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