Google Actions Test suite embeddedAssistant 403 Failure

If you have regularly developed Google Actions in the past, and are now trying to test a new Action using the Test Suite, then chances are that you may be encountering the following error:

Http failure response for 403 OK testsuite

Now, this error is very uninformative and Googling for this error didn’t reveal much. Finally, after a lot of searching, I came across a solution on this page. Very specifically, the section highlighted in the image below revealed the issue:

As you can see, Test suite now needs access to use your assistant as well. This was not the case earlier. And since I had already provided test suite access to my account in the past, it was missing the assistant access. Therefore, the embeddedassistant API was failing with a 403 error. My understanding is that the test suite now uses the assistant linked to your account to send the commands, which wasn’t the case earlier. I believe this is a better and welcome approach to testing, but the error message here could have been a bit more informative and could have redirected us to the right solution.

The solution is mentioned in the last line of the above image. You need to remove the access first and then grant the permissions again. Go to Apps with access to your account, and click on ‘Test suite for Smart Home’. Then click on the ‘Remove Access’ button.

Now that the access is revoked, you can go to your Google Actions Console, and navigate to Test Suite. It will ask for all the required permissions now, and you will find that this error is no longer encountered.

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